TouchSense® for Mobile Devices.

Two options—TouchSense Premium or TouchSense Lite—one amazing experience.

Users will enjoy the haptic effects.
You’ll love the design experience.

A powerful API. Precise actuator control. Easy integration. The TouchSense Haptic Enabling Kit gives you everything you need to create rich tactile effects across applications and hardware configurations.

The TouchSense Difference

Immersion’s proprietary control engine optimizes the actuator performance and power consumption to deliver the best haptic experience possible.


TouchSense Lite

Create a high-end experience using mid- to low-end devices. Cost effective and easy to integrate, TouchSense Lite includes 100+ predefined built-in tactile effects that have been tuned for common actuator types in the mobile industry. Our experts have put many years of know-how and experience, and thousands of hours implementing best haptic design practices into optimizing effects for the most relevant use cases for various hardware configurations—so you don’t have to build it from scratch.

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TouchSense Premium

The highest quality haptic playback and pressure support, plus add-on features such as multi-actuator and HD actuator support. TouchSense Premium lets you start with our library of sample effects, and then work with our UX team to customize them based on your use cases. We will work with you to tune everything from vibration magnitude and duration to frequency and rhythm, so that you can create a haptic experience that uniquely belongs to your brand.

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A solution for every handset

Everyone deserves a great mobile experience. That’s why we’ve built both Premium and Lite versions of the TouchSense solution. Whichever you choose, you’ll get great haptic effects and a refreshingly easy design experience.

  TouchSense Lite
Easy-to-use, app-level solution for cost sensitive devices.
TouchSense Premium
High-fidelity, system-level solution for premium devices.
Tactile effect quality and consistency Standard Highest
3rd-party content playback quality Standard Highest
FAE integration support checks-icon-blu-02 checks-icon-blu-02
SD actuator support checks-icon-blu-02 checks-icon-blu-02
Pressure support checks-icon-blu-02
HD actuator support checks-icon-blu-02
Multi-actuator support checks-icon-blu-02
Haptic effect creation tools checks-icon-blu-02
Custom effect design services checks-icon-blu-02
Ease of integration Easiest (app-level integration) Moderate (system-level integration)
High-value use cases Pre-defined built-in effects Fully customizable with built-in sample effects


“The TouchSense experience from Immersion provides our users with the opportunity to have an integrated and realistic complete touch-sight-sound experience in their personal device.”

– Li Xu, VP of Gionee Group

The same consistent experience and quality performance on any device in your portfolio.

Design a haptic experience for one device, and quickly integrate it into other handsets. The TouchSense platform optimizes haptic rendering for each hardware configuration to deliver the consistent quality performance your customers expect from you.

Revolutionize your device experience with our high-value use cases (HVUC).

Cameras, keyboards, ringtones, and so on—there are dozens of ways to enhance your UI/UX with tactile feedback. However, there are even more ways that it could go wrong if you’re doing it on your own. That’s why the TouchSense solution provides you with optimized haptic effect banks and design services for HVUC.


Unleash your haptics creativity with the Haptic Studio.

TouchSense gives you a library of expertly crafted tactile effects for a variety of common use cases. But sometimes that’s not enough. You want to create brand-specific effects, or invent brand new possibilities. The Haptic Studio (for TouchSense Premium only) gives you a powerful suite of tools for designing, editing, and evaluating an unlimited range of creative expressions.

Not sure which one to choose?

We’ve made the decision easy. TouchSense Lite offers a cost-efficient, easy-to-integrate, app-level solution that’s a big improvement over basic haptics. And when you’re ready for more, you can easily upgrade to TouchSense Premium without any app-level code changes.

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